April Newsletter

What is going on now on the project?

Following the previous newsletter, we will add each of the mentioned points about what has been happening, the progress update, and what you can expect — this time, with timing commitment. Here you go!

Team Expansion. Vietnam.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we interviewed candidates to help us with SEA Expansion. Along with this newsletter, we announce Vietnam as the first regional community we aim for.

How to see the SeaDEX site in Vietnamese

Team Addition

The SeaDEX team is growing! Two additions to the marketing department. We not only hire the best people, but we also engage those who know the market well, who can read sentiments and drive the growth of the SeaDEX Community. One person has been revealed, Bung Hatta as the marketing assistant who has been incredibly helpful in organizing communication and helping the reaching out process more straightforward.

Staking Platform.

What’s suitable needs time — staking Platform. Dear SeaSquads, the waiting will be worth it. Along with this announcement, we announce that the SeaDEX Staking Platform will be live in the early weeks of May.

What makes us wait for May?

I believe this is worth a new paragraph. We consider a good feature as the main dish alone is insufficient to drive a project alive. It has to back up by good timing, a good side dish, and good wine. We want to maximize the momentum; a few weeks after the staking platform is launched, the farming feature will be launched, and after that, we are locking partnerships with ten projects for the upcoming ten-day listings campaign — a big spoon of appetite.

Marketing Campaign and Activation

SeaDEX Twitter Growth Hacking was started a few weeks ago. We have a specific account aiming for a segmented market. Kicking off, there is our official SeaDEX Twitter Account for official announcements and statements, SeaDEX Academy for awareness and education seeking the Indonesia crypto market, and following, we will be activating the account SeaDEX Partner that will aim precisely at the projects we are targetting.

Why don’t we see SeaDEX out there?

You will. We will activate top tiers of Indonesian crypto influencers to be a part of this. Not only that, SEO Takeover will be started. After the staking platform launch in May.

Integration? CMC and CG?

We are trying our very best to be official in CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap as soon as possible. However, as disappointing as it may get, it needs time. We are confident that once the campaign starts, the partnership is out, the volume will increase, traffic will go up, and CG and CMC will have no choice but to approve immediately.



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