IndoDEX $30,000 Pre-launch Competition!

Prize Allocation

How to Enter

  1. Participants must be Indonesian
  2. Follow us on twitter @indodex_ and join both of our telegram group @indodex and IndoDEX Announcement
  3. Having/using at least one social media in one of these options: instagram/twitter/youtube/tiktok with more than 50 people following/subscribing.
  4. Using one of three themes that we explain below.

The Four Categories

After a long consideration of what to contest, we came up with 4 ideas of how most creativity can involve, comedy, writing, video (explaining and shooting), and designs. Phew!

  1. Trolling CEX with your own experience.
  2. Merdeka atau Mati! IndoDEX as the starting revolution of the crypto industry in Indonesia.


If you are visually creative and are a funny outgoing person, this category will suit you. In this category, the participants must post the meme chosen from the theme above (unlimited entry allowed!) and tweet the submmission in your personal twitter tagging @indodex_ using hashtag #IndoDEX #IndoDEXmemecompetition (use the logo assets shared on the end of the article)


To the writers and storytellers, this chance is widely open, write down your experiences, research, anything that is on the exchange and crypto sector around IndoDEX. Article must be a minimum of 350 words.


Pretty much the same as the article, to the video guys, shooting, filming, storytellers, go record and post your video! Don’t forget to mention IndoDEX’s social media telegram, competition link medium, and twitter in the description.

Design (Mascot/Poster)

IndoDEX needs a mascot and poster design that can be used for the rest of 2021 as a representation of our platform and revolution movement. Give your best effort and use the best of your imagination to win this category! Tweet the entry and tag @indodex_ using hashtag #IndoDEX #IndoDEXdesigncompetition (use the logo assets in the end of the article)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Follow twitter IndoDEX
  2. Join both of IndoDEX’s telegram IndoDEX & announcement group IndoDEX
  3. One participants can participate in more than one category and enter more than one entry before the deadline.
  4. Language use can be both in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
  5. Don’t forget to re-check where to submit each category. Where to submit must have at least 50 followers/subscriptions (except for the article category)
  6. We’re going to checklist each rules so anyone that is not following the rules will be disqualified. So please check.
  7. Competition will be closed in November 5th, near the IDO time. Winner will be announced 2 days after.
  8. All winners will receive the rewards mentioned airdropped to their wallet.
  9. Keep checking our telegram group because there will be a form to be filled. Information about this will be shared near the end time of the competition.
  10. For each category to be valid, there must be at least 50 entry, so submit as much as you can and invite your friends too!

Let’s get started!

Below are IndoDEX’s assets to be used by the participants


IndoDEX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on Binance Smart Chain focused on revolutionizing the Indonesian cryptocurrency market.



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