Introducing, SEADEX

Goodbye, IndoDEX.

IDDX High Level Previous Accomplishments

These past few months has been an amazing journey!
  1. Pre-Launched Creative Competition with total of $30000 rewards in our native token ✅
  2. Tokenomics ✅
  3. V1 Roadmap ✅
  4. Project Details on GitBook ✅
  5. Verified by Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko ✅
  6. Partnering with top crypto communities and media Indonesia ✅
  7. IDO with GPool Launchpad raising $600000 ✅
  8. Launched native tokens $IDDX on Pancake Swap ✅
  9. Liquidity Lock with Unicrypt ✅
  10. Testnet finished ✅
  11. Security Auditing (On hold)


Now why Southeast Asia?

As crypto adoption takes off around the world, based on research we did, Southeast Asia has become a hub for crypto users. Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines are growing rapidly in terms of crypto users and transactions.

Will the Indonesian region and the mission still be a focus?

100% yes, the brand has changed, not the vision. We are still a hundred percent committed to working towards our vision of decentralization and blockchain literacy in the Indonesian region first and then spreading out to the other parts of Southeast Asia. That said, our goals have only grown bigger from here onwards and we aim to work on it one step at a time.

Wen launch?

Most questioned, further announcements will be made in near time.

Soon Soon Soon

We are widening the community, meaning targeting new markets and potential holders. In order to execute this, next year 2022 we will be creating new groups segmented market with each having different segmented marketing strategies. We look forward to onboard new team to make this happen!



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