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Dear our community members, fellow IDDX supporters,

This article will be a bit different. In a really bullish way. But to start the big announcement, allow us to share the backstory of this announcement.

As announced a few days ago, due to potential infringements on Indodax’s trademark, we have decided to take another direction.We would like to be clear that we are not affiliated with Indodax in any way, shape, or form.

For the last couple of days, we have been spinning our brain and strategizing new, stronger, more bullish, more bulletproof, and bigger directions. And along with this, we announce SEADEX!

From the very beginning, Indonesia Decentralized Exchange was meant to go global after the mass adoption from the Indonesia region. As all DEXes should be, not nationalized and more decentralized. This came quicker than expected, which is good news to all associates and its community members.

Goodbye, IndoDEX.

It has been a pretty tough week closing to the launch day of the first iteration of the DEX. We received mail from the legal division of Indodax, we have agreed to comply with the demands and with this executing our future strategy quicker than before — which is to rebrand, and expand to a wider community. In particular, the Southeast asian region.

IndoDEX as Indonesia Decentralized Exchange, as great as its name and the ideology we together with the community built and planted seed in everywhere within the first few months, we would like to let everyone know that direction is still in line with our vision as Indonesia plays a big part in the Southeast Asia region. This is just the beginning.

Before going to talk about the new brand name and a peek at our strategy, here are our accomplishments according to the roadmap to let the community know that everything was well, we are on track, and will only continue the progress.

IDDX High Level Previous Accomplishments

These past few months has been an amazing journey!
  1. Web App Launch Stage 1 ✅
  2. Pre-Launched Creative Competition with total of $30000 rewards in our native token ✅
  3. Tokenomics ✅
  4. V1 Roadmap ✅
  5. Project Details on GitBook ✅
  6. Verified by Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko ✅
  7. Partnering with top crypto communities and media Indonesia ✅
  8. IDO with GPool Launchpad raising $600000 ✅
  9. Launched native tokens $IDDX on Pancake Swap ✅
  10. Liquidity Lock with Unicrypt ✅
  11. Testnet finished ✅
  12. Security Auditing (On hold)

Yes, the testnest smart contracts has been finalized and is in the progress of security audits. It was ready to be released last week. Unfortunately it won’t be launched officially.


We have been closely monitoring the community’s opinion and taking all of the suggestions into consideration, resulting in the design above. To see the new brand guideline, click here. The sun represents new hope, power, and clear direction. Meanwhile the 11 rays represent countries from the Southeast Asia region that will be the segmented focus in terms of business and marketing.

Now why Southeast Asia?

As crypto adoption takes off around the world, based on research we did, Southeast Asia has become a hub for crypto users. Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines are growing rapidly in terms of crypto users and transactions.

Other than the potential market growth happen in Indonesia, with $5 Billion in volume on average over the first five months of 2021, Global crypto adoption was up 881% in the second quarter of 2021, with Vietnam making the most progress based on a report released by blockchain data firm Chainalysis. And along with that, Thailand and the Philippines are among the top countries in terms of adoption.

Will the Indonesian region and the mission still be a focus?

100% yes, the brand has changed, not the vision. We are still a hundred percent committed to working towards our vision of decentralization and blockchain literacy in the Indonesian region first and then spreading out to the other parts of Southeast Asia. That said, our goals have only grown bigger from here onwards and we aim to work on it one step at a time.

Wen launch?

Most questioned, further announcements will be made in near time.

Soon Soon Soon

We are widening the community, meaning targeting new markets and potential holders. In order to execute this, next year 2022 we will be creating new groups segmented market with each having different segmented marketing strategies. We look forward to onboard new team to make this happen!

Referring to the rebranding, we will soon share a peek of the developed, straight from the oven, more fresh, interesting, and interactive atmosphere designs for the DEX and site. We will be releasing the DEX and the site in languages that support the eleven countries from the Southeast Asia. No more lost in translation.

What you can expect happening in the near future is, new roadmap, new crowds, new partners, and new look from all over the IDDX previous socials. Stay tuned!



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