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4 min readMay 10, 2022

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Entering the mid of quarter two of 2022, SeaDEX has gone through many technical updates, and one of them is the most awaited event, the launch of the staking platform and farming! More updates around this event, including the roadmap updates, will be provided here.

Brief April Recap

From SeaDEX Academy’s introduction to Community Bounty Program, we worked hard throughout April and are still excited to develop this project. Here’s a brief recap of what has been going on this month!

✅ Community Bounty Program

Community Bounty Program is running well. From April 13th to May 4th, we received 12,000+ entries during this program. Our social statistics receive a blast amount of engagements from participants. As promised, this community bounty program is one way to communicate and involve the community in developing this project. The success of the Community Bounty Program proves that the community plays a huge role in the development of a project. Thank you so much to SeaSquad for joining the Community Bounty Program. Waiting for the winner announcement? Bear with us until the end of the newsletter.

✅ AMA with Three Crypto Communities

We’ve been doing AMAs with three crypto communities. The first one, we do with Indonesia Airdrop (12/4), then with Crypto Hustle (20/4), and last with Satoshi Club (28/4). We did this AMA as a part of introducing our project vision and mission by widening the awareness and eyes and answering community questions and concerns. The more people know about our future vision with this project, it will be better. For SeaSquads who didn’t join the AMA, you can read the SeaDEX AMA Recap in April.

✅ BSCScan, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko Update

Following our previous SC address $IDDX that has been updated and labelled “token migration announcement” on BSCscan, we updated the old site with warnings & migration ann. These extra steps help us get verification from the CMC and CG team. And it has been successfully done. Right now, SeaDEX is visible in CMC and CG. However, the price is not yet correct. API adjustment is needed and will be done within this month after the team review. For the valid price data of $SEAX, you can find it here.

✅ Staking and Farming Testing Phase

We want to let everyone know that the staking and farming have been successful through the testing phase with this newsletter. Wen launch question can finally be answered…

What’s in May?

Yield Farming and Staking Pool Launch

The launch date has been unlocked. You can expect the feature’s launch simultaneously by this week, which means in just a few days. Follow our social media and join the telegram announcement channel to be updated. Along with that, we are currently in discussion with several projects which will be listed. We are trying our best to efficiently grow the ecosystem and purposeful onboard projects into SeaDEX. Stay tuned for more information!

SeaDEX Academy and Regional Expansion

To grow a large ecosystem and support our pure vision, education and literacy are one of our main targets. SeaDEX Academy is the way how we’re going to do it. We have taken our first step to introduce SeaDEX Academy by introducing @seadex_academy on Twitter.

Spread to segmented and separate countries is also our focus. As the staking goes live, we have a few pipelines on our new roadmap related to SeaDEX Academy and Regional Expansion that will happen near time. Along with this, many educational KOLs are on the go to help us raise awareness and bring more attention to the web 3.0 revolution.

Roadmap Update and Website Revamp

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, we have discussed the new additions to our roadmap vision. This will make everyone excited. The roadmap update is already in the process and will be updated on the website along with a few hints this May.

SeaDEX Bounty Program Winner Announcement

The waiting is over! It took a longer time than expected as there are 11226 entries and 5155 actions from around 400 participants, but we have taken a look and manually chose the possible winner. Not yet the winner, as we want to make it as fair as possible and do a double-check so the real winner is not overshadowed by a fake winner.

If your registered name is below, you are on the list of the top 20 on the leaderboard. Find your alias and personal message with your Twitter ID, Instagram ID (if you follow the Instagram instruction for score), and your wallet address. We will crosscheck within 48 hours and announce the winner on our Twitter channel.

Any Feedback?

To close the newsletter, we would like to let SeaSquad know that your feedback and suggestions are valuable. We created a simple feedback form for you to contribute to helping SeaDEX grow. If you have any feedback, suggestions, concerns, or proposals, please fill in the form here. All voices are appreciated.

Till next month, SeaSquad!


SeaDEX is your gateway into the DeFi ecosystem; A suite of next-gen Decentralized Applications focused on the Southeast Asian crypto market.

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Your gateway into the Defi ecosystem; A suite of next-gen Decentralized Applications focused on the Southeast Asian crypto market.