SeaDEX New Roadmap Update

Brief Recap of SeaDEX’s Journey

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko DEX Listing

As shared on the June Monthly Newsletter a day ago, the listing of SeaDEX in CMC and CG is on the process. We will keep SeaSquad updated through our socials on Twitter and Telegram.

Regional Community Launch

As we have shared in our latest newsletter, one of our primary goals is to onboard the regional community as soon as we have a team onboarded. We have interviewed fantastic profiles to be the face of our first regional community launch and will reveal them very soon.

New Minting

This is probably the most controversial decision we will ever make. So, let us briefly explain the backgrounds. When we created our tokenomics, it was designed for the Indonesia. The subpoena was more than enough to give negative sentiment to SeaDEX. If we changed to new tokenomics back then, we don’t know if we could survive the negativity.

SeaDEX Revamp Mega Plan — Five Integrations

As exciting as it could be, our previous back-on-back weekly launch announcement from Swap to Pool to Farm to Info, SeaDEX, will not stop there.

Multichain DEX Aggregation (ETH, AVAX, and more)

On our previous roadmap, we have mentioned that SeaDEX is going to be a BSC DEX Aggregator. With this news we would like to specifically share, that’s not it. SeaDEX will also be ETH, AVAX, and more layer one aggregators.

SeaDEX Launchpad

Southeast Asia has so much potential to become the leader in the blockchain industry. We understand the potential and want to give opportunities to many projects in SEA to get the funding and develop their project. More information will be shared once available.

SEA Stablecoin Integration & Development

We believe stablecoins potentially will be the key to the mass adoption of crypto. It plays a significant role for the crypto community to hedge against the fluctuation of crypto. We do understand it’s not easy to build stablecoins, especially after the Terra fiasco, as each of you possibly knows. However, we came with a plan to develop a mechanism where each country in SEA can also have its stablecoins.

$SEAX Monthly Burning Plan

Burning is an essential part of reducing the supply. Within this, we will have burning tokens. We’re going to burn 225.000 tokens per month. That’s about 2.7 million tokens per year. And this burning will continue until we reach a certain point where it’ll be deflationary in the future.

SeaDEX Academy

Not changing, SeaDEX Academy will reach its milestone by this year. As planned from the beginning, this effort will help us overcome many barriers and achieve our primary goal, which is to be the highly adapted DEX in Southeast Asia. With the team expansion plan and public faces to help us deliver the mission, as well as the SeaDEX Revamp Integrations for easier users journey, SeaDEX Academy will be a silver bullet that can accommodate all for a good purpose.

Governance Model (DAO)

SeaDEX governance model will be released for future development, where the community will make decisions on the direction of the SeaDEX platform. There are many good governance models implemented already, but it took time for us to really evaluate and decide which model we should implement.

New Partners

As the community and ecosystem grow, new partners will be onboarded too. Aligning with the previous milestones, we believe the SeaDEX Revamp implementation will help us to expand our market and bring more partners to the table to build the blockchain ecosystem for Southeast Asia.

Removed Goals

We promised to be transparent. So we will only be transparent. If you guys have noticed, there are a few missing parts from the previous Roadmap: The Bridge and Auto Compounding Vault. With the volatile market condition, we must quickly adapt and change our small direction for better purposes.



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