SeaDEX New Token Minting Announcement

Starting with One Country

In the beginning, the SeaDEX tokenomic was created for one country’s purpose, Indonesia. As well as we realize the enormous potential happening in the country for the blockchain industry — we have tried to break into the Indonesian market using multiple marketing strategies. All was well until we received a subpoena from the biggest centralized exchange in Indonesia.

Minting Detail

Business Partnership Strategy

One of the minting purposes is prioritizing business partners in the Southeast Asia market. With the new allocation, we will have enough tokens to execute this in the 11 countries.

Rewards for the Southeast Asia Community

For the community, we are allocating 110 million tokens or around 11 Million tokens for each country with a 4.16% distribution mechanism every month.

Future Development

Other than business and community, within six months, SeaDEX will be finalizing a few developments as shown in the roadmap.


Minting Process

Link to the locked 20 Million SEAX Token

Link to the locked 210 Million SEAX Token

Minting Fuction has been removed



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