SeaDEX Staking Pool is Now LIVE.

2 min readMay 15, 2022


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The current crypto market condition is very unpredictable. But it will not affect our fire to continue the development.

As we informed last month in April, the Staking Pool Platform is now LIVE and can be used by the public.

Dear holders, now you guys can stake SEAX to earn more SEAX!.

Few things you need to know before the launching of the SeaDEX Staking Platform:

  1. To do the staking, you need to visit:
  2. Make sure you have enough BNB for the transaction fee and SEAX for the stake. If not, you can always buy $SEAX here:
  3. Next, you need to connect your wallet, activate your pool, and deposit.

The rewards you receive are calculated based on the APR within one block. One block on the BSC network lasts about 3 seconds. So in that period, you can see your SEAX number increase.

It is calculated based on 9 million SEAX tokens distributed as rewards within one year regarding APR. The total stake and SEAX price also determine the APR amount. Therefore, the APR is still subject to change. Market situation and staking performance will be taken into consideration to increase APR.

To unstake (withdraw) in this first version, you need to collect your SEAX first, and then harvest. And you can withdraw after that. Oh, you can also compound if you want to.

Prize 1 Million SEAX

To celebrate the release of the staking feature, the team agreed to provide an airdrop of 1 million SEAX tokens to stakeholders who staked their SEAX tokens in the first five days of staking. Here are the conditions:

This event will start from the staking platform launch on 15 May 2022, and a snapshot will take place on 20 May 2022, at 00:00 UTC (07:00 WIB).

The airdrop will be sent directly to the stakers’ addresses.

If a staker unstakes during the duration of the event, the staker will be disqualified. The amount of SEAX to be received is based on the percentage of the number of SEAX in the pool.

What is next?

The staking platform is the first series of features that SeaDEX will release in the future.

Currently, we are preparing farming and info. Furthermore, due to the current uncertain situation in the crypto market, we are also preparing a new roadmap and a strategy to continue to innovate.

Happy Staking!




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