SeaDEX Yield Farming is now LIVE

Here are some important things you need to know to farm on the SeaDEX platform:

  1. To stake you just need to visit:
  2. Make sure you have BNB for transaction fees and SEAX for farming. Otherwise, you can buy SEAX at:
  3. Next, you need to add liquidity here:
  4. If you have added liquidity, you will have SEAX-BNB LP token. This token will then be used for farming. Alias, you can stake this token and earn extra income. It should be noted, by providing liquidity you will be exposed to the risk of impermanent loss, learn more about it in this article.
  5. The rewards you receive are calculated based on the APR within one block. One block on the BSC network lasts about 3 seconds. So in that time span you can see your SEAX number increase.
  6. Regarding APR, it is calculated based on 10 million SEAX tokens distributed as rewards within one year for Pool and Farming. 1/3 of the total reward will be distributed for Pool and the rest for Farming. This is because our farming and pool is forked from PancakeSwap. However, we plan to change this scheme in the future so investors and community can benefit more from the SeaDEX Staking Pool.
  7. The total LP token being staked and the SEAX price also determine the APR amount. Therefore, the APR is still subject to change. The market situation and the number of staked LP tokens will be taken into consideration when increasing or decreasing the APR.
  8. To unstake in the first iteration, you need to collect first, then harvest. Then you can make a withdrawal.

What’s next?

Staking and farming have been released. In the near future we will also release Info & Analysis. Furthermore, the team is preparing a new roadmap to deal with the bearish market situation.



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