SeaDEX V2: DEX Aggregator Launch

2 min readAug 31, 2022

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SeaDEX V2 Mega Plan — Five Integrations

As mentioned in the Roadmap Update article, SeaDEX’s utility and development will not only stop as the three main features have been launched. We have been brainstorming and ideation a new strategy to increase our platform users with the current market conditions resulting in SeaDEX V2 Development.

In a few words; SeaDEX will be an all-at-once platform with a better interface for newbies that is straightforward with just one click. It will combine Tradingview, Coingecko, Lunar Crush, and an Aggregator.

Today, we are releasing the new SeaDEX platform!

SeaDEX V2 is a DEX Aggregator that makes it easy for a newbie or advanced users to buy crypto assets.

In SeaDEX V2, we have integration from TradingView. This integration makes it easier for technical traders to do charting or technical analysis of other crypto assets. Details about this integration will be presented in the following article.

Apart from TradingView, users can also see CoinGecko integration. Such as market capitalization, 24-hour transaction volume, total circulation, and supply. Prices change within 24 H and a one-week timeframe is also included. And users can see the token’s rating on CoinGecko.

It doesn’t stop there. The information we already have is also equipped with trading features as an aggregator. This aggregator helps users to find a route to get the best price from various liquidity sources such as PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, and 1inch.

With this update, and our upcoming educational content and demo, we believe SeaDEX can become a platform that makes it easier for our users to transact crypto.




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